Brazil Inflation Rate

Prices rose at a slower pace for: Food and beverages (4.97 percent from 6.57 percent in January); transport (2.81 percent from 3.19 percent); clothing (3.03 percent from 3.42 percent); health (10.44 percent from 10.76 percent); and personal expenses (6.72 percent from 7.21 percent). Additional upward pressure came from: Housing and utilities (2.59 percent); recreation and culture (4.68 percent); furnishings and household equipment (2.00 percent); communication (1.68 percent); and education (7.95 percent).

On a monthly basis, consumer prices increased by 0.33 percent, following a 0.38 percent rise in January and less than markets expected. Cost rose at a slower pace for transport (0.24 percent from 0.77 percent in January); while it fell for food (-0.45 percent from 0.35 percent).